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Wood Burners

Blue Sky Ceramics Specialists in Catalytic Combustors

We have over 50 years’ combined experience working alongside Applied Ceramics we have a passion to reduce harmful emissions and improve air quality and the environment.

Partnering with Applied Ceramics allows us to bring a proven catalyst and a wealth of experience to a changing climate / manufacturing environment.

We work with manufacturers throughout the UK and Europe to reduce emissions in their products

* When incorporated with correctly designed appliance

Over 50 Years’ Experience
Catalytic Design Service
Distributors of Catalysts
Support Across UK & Europe
Helping Manufacturers Reduce their Emissions

Working with us

Blue Sky Ceramics works with our customers from initial proposal, development, design, testing to final launch of new products. Using the experience gained with Applied Ceramics we hope to shorten that process and avoid mistakes of the past. We see the need to improve our living environment as a challenge that must be faced full on. It is our mission to assist manufacturers in designing catalysts correctly to achieve maximum efficiency and minimise harmful emissions.

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