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About Blue Sky Ceramics

About Blue Sky Ceramics

With over 50 years’ combined experience working alongside Applied Ceramics we have a passion to reduce harmful emissions and improve air quality and the environment. Partnering with Applied Ceramics allows us to bring a proven catalyst and a wealth of experience to a changing climate and manufacturing environment.

Blue Sky Ceramics works with our customers from initial proposal, development, design and testing to final launch of new products. Using the experience gained with Applied Ceramics we hope to shorten that process and avoid mistakes of the past.

Our Values


By supplying the FireCat range of Catalytic combustors we are able to deliver a proven quality catalyst. With less than 0.5% returns annually you can design in the FireCat knowing that quality will never be an issue.


Through the combination of our team members and the partnership with Applied Ceramics we have the expertise to answer all your questions. With two laboratories in America we can carry out tests proving the performance of our catalysts.


Applied Ceramics has always prided itself on being an innovative manufacturer of catalysts. Blue Sky likewise continues to develop new ideas such as our new automatic bypass for wood burners, an area we expect to be both changing and challenging in the coming years.

Customer Focused

Supporting our customers from the initial design through to supplying the required catalyst for the factory just in time. By building our partnerships we will be able to deliver excellent service by holding the right stocks for the time you need them.


If there’s one thing we’ve learnt in business its that success is bred through true partnership. We want to be a partner from initial concept, through design and testing to launch. Working with you understanding your order requirements and delivering on time.

Helping Reduce Emissions

With Eco Design Requirements coming in for 2022 we are ready to apply our technology to help reduce emissions. Legislation will only tighten and we should all be looking to do our part to protect the environment we live in.

Management Team

Together we are an experienced, supportive company focused on helping our customers