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A practical guide to open fires and wood-burning stoves

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A practical guide to open fires and wood-burning stoves

14 February 2019

The leaflet 'A practical guide to open fires and wood-burning stoves' by the Department for Environmental Food & Rural Affairs (Revision 2 January 2019) gives simple guidance to those who use wood burning stoves or open fires.

The aim of the leaflet is to educate and to reduce environmental and health impacts.

With this understanding, you can benefit directly by:

  • Maximising fuel efficiency, meaning you burn less!
  • Reducing the risk of accidents and chimney fires
  • Reducing carbon monoxide and smoke which can be harmful to you, your family and neighbours

Consumers are spending more money on open fires and wood-burning stoves, however, few understand the full impact, did you know that the smoke from burning wood also causes air pollution harming the health of millions.

At Blue Sky Ceramics we knew the facts, however, following our hands-on testing we were alarmed to say the least! Our reading indicated that it was actually safer to sit by the exhaust of our car rather than sitting by our chimenea in the back garden!

DEFRA's leaflet aims to help consumers understand the dangers. This, along with the Governments Clean Air Strategy, will help us all work together to improve the quality of the air we breathe.

Download the full leaflet