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PM2.5 A Roadmap to meeting Health guidelines by 2030

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PM2.5 A Roadmap to meeting Health guidelines by 2030

31 October 2019

The Mayor of London recently commissioned the ERG to model PM2.5 concentrations in London in 2030.

The Environmental Research Group (ERG) report outlines the expectations and results ofThis, some of the key findings include:

  • Although PM2.5 has been better than originally anticipated, the modelling for 2016 found nowhere in London met the World Health Organization guidelines limit to protect human health
  • New modelling confirms without additional powers and measures London will not meet the target of compliance by 2030
  • As Parliament considers a new Environment Bill, it is essential that the additional powers in this report are included in thte legislation
  • With the additional powers and measures, London is capable of meeting these targets, fulfilling the commitment by the Mayor of London in the London Environment Strategy, part of the Breathe Life campaign
  • The UK Government should follow in London and adopt the guideline limits for PM2.5 by 2030 as a legally-binding targe
Download the PM2.5 report.