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Scottish Government confirm possible restrictions or ban on Wood burning stoves

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Scottish Government confirm possible restrictions or ban on Wood burning stoves

03 February 2020

A ban on domestic wood burning could be possible after Scotlands pollution death toll is revealed.

Following the charity 'Centre for Cities' annual study people in UK towns and cities are 25 times more likely to die from long-term exposure to pollution than in a car crash. In the article from the Herald Scotland it was revealed that one in 29 deaths in Scotland's large towns and cities have been linked to long term exposure to air pollution. 

Following the charities suggestion of an outright ban, the Scottish Government confirmed it would consider restrictions on the use of domestic wood burning stoves.

"The proportion of deaths related to exposure to PM2.5 is highest in London and south-eastern towns including Luton and Slough because of their proximity to the capital and pollution blowing over the channel."

It is estimated 628 people aged over 25 were killed by PM2.5-related deaths in Scottish cities during 2017.

A Government spokesman said to Herald Scotland: “We launched the independent review of air quality strategy, 'Cleaner Air for Scotland - The Road to a Healthier Future', in November 2018. We published conclusions and recommendations of the review in August 2019 and sought comment on these in the autumn".

"We will now consider in detail the recommendations and wider views and will consult on a revised strategy this year. The issue of domestic wood burning stoves is being considered as part of that review.”

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