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SIA Stove industry Alliance responds to DEFRA fuel ban

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SIA Stove industry Alliance responds to DEFRA fuel ban

26 February 2020

The SIA has sent out a press release to all its members which they have urged should be shared with the rest of the industry, regarding DEFRA's email outlining their intention to ban woods with high water content and certain solid fuels. However they insist this does not include a ban woodburning stoves.  

The SIA press release is in agreement with the DEFRA  proposal to ban certain woods and fuels, and they state that they have been through a full consultation regarding this proposal.  

However concerned that the press have reported possible bans on certain wood burning stoves, SIA want to make it clear that this is not true and that the proposals for the bans are on certain woods and fuels only.

The outlined proposal is shown below:-

  • Restrictions on the sale of wet wood for domestic burning,so that it can only be purchased in volumes over a certain cut- off point .
  • Applying a 2% sulphur limit and smoke emission limit of 5g per hour to all manufactured solid fuels.
  • Phasing out the sale of bituminous (traditional house) coal.

The Government recognises that many households have open fires or stoves and is not seeking prevent their use or installation through these fuel bans. However, action is needed to reduce the amount of PM 2.5 produced as a direct result of domestic combustion.

To encourage change the SIA feels its objective is:-

  • To raise awareness of thehealth impacts of airpollution from domestic burning.
  • Ensure consumers are provided with reliable advise to allow informed choices to be made.
  • Create Legislation to restrict the most polluting fuels. 
Read the full email from SIA reply to DEFRA ban