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Stove Industry Alliance welcomes an New Chair

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Stove Industry Alliance welcomes an New Chair

30 September 2021

The SIA  Welcomes Their New Chairman Andy. They have thanked the previous Chair Morley Sage for his tremendous work.

Andy has worked in the UK organics and alternative fuels sectors for over 17 years, with 9 years spent at SUEZ recycling and recovery UK where his focus was on the commercial development of alternative fuels for a range of markets. Following his successful career at SUEZ, Andy set up his own consultancy business, Cynosure Partners, and he is also the deputy chairman of the Wood Recyclers’ Association, which represents both UK producers and European energy and panel board consumers, along with non-executive chair roles for Gavin Griffiths Group and RPM Plant, and as a senior advisor for N+P. SIA welcomes new Chair Andy Hill.